Lazy, Hazy, Crazy

Lazy Hazy Crazy

“Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.” This song by the famous Nat King Cole has been on my mind lately.  The three adjectives, lazy, hazy and crazy are pretty good descriptors of my summer so far. Yesterday was the feast day of Mary Magdalen. As I contemplated her inspirational life it seemed to me that crazy, hazy and lazy, were fairly good descriptors of her life too. Continue reading

My Guest Blogger is Dead

Brother Jacopone da Todi
I  am in a writing slump, so a guest blogger is filling in. Only problem is—he’s dead. Good thing he left behind some of his writings!

Brother Jacopone Da Todi, died in 1306. He was a Franciscan poet and mystic. He would not know what a blog is – much less a computer. But he did know how to write profound words about God’s love. With “permission” (obtained through prayer) Brother Jacopone is the guest blogger today! You can find out more about this holy writer by clicking on the link at the end of this blog. Continue reading

Saint Who? Saint You!

Saint Who Saint You

We recently celebrated All Saints Day. You might have recalled some favorite saints that you look up to. It is easy to place these virtuous men and women on a pedestal and think you could never achieve sanctity. Some people say, “I’m no saint” like it is an unreachable goal. The fact is that we are all called to be saints. Continue reading

Facinating Francis

St Francis landscape

St. Francis of Assisi; one of the most popular saints of all time. We celebrate his feast day on October 4th. To help you learn a little more about this fascinating saint who was born in the early 1180’s and died in 1226, try your luck with the quiz below: Continue reading