Saint Who? Saint You!

Saint Who Saint You

We recently celebrated All Saints Day. You might have recalled some favorite saints that you look up to. It is easy to place these virtuous men and women on a pedestal and think you could never achieve sanctity. Some people say, “I’m no saint” like it is an unreachable goal. The fact is that we are all called to be saints. Continue reading

Facinating Francis

St Francis landscape

St. Francis of Assisi; one of the most popular saints of all time. We celebrate his feast day on October 4th. To help you learn a little more about this fascinating saint who was born in the early 1180’s and died in 1226, try your luck with the quiz below: Continue reading

THE Job of a Husband and Wife

Saints Louis and Zelie Martin

Did you know that husbands and wives have jobs? I don’t mean that they each have their own a place of employment, I mean that they have a job together. Regarding the ‘chief end’ of the sacrament of matrimony, the Baltimore Catechism states that the husband and wife should “aid each other in securing the salvation of their souls.” That means the primary job of a husband and wife is to help get each other to heaven. Continue reading

Set the World on Fire

Set the world on fire

April 29: St. Catherine of Siena’s feast day. One of her most famous quotes is about setting the world on fire by being who you were created to be. Here are some more of her quotes about the fiery love of our God. Continue reading

Am I Gonna Die?

Am I Gonna DieMy brother would wail and ask my mother over and over again when he was in the bathroom sick with a stomach virus, “Am I gonna die? Am I gonna die?” Emptying the contents of your stomach into the toilet can be a painful and scary experience for a young child. When my brother pleaded, “Am I gonna die?” my mom would comfort and assure him that all would eventually be OK. Continue reading