Who is This Guy: And why is my poem dedicated to him?


Servant of God Luis Maria Martinez, 1881-1956, was a Catholic archbishop of Mexico City who lived through the religious persecution of the Cristero War. He proclaimed a message of faith, hope, and unity. He has been described as kind, intelligent, prudent, and humorous.

Death Looms . . .
Recently, a piece of his writing entered my life at the most appropriate time. My family was immersed in walking with a loved one through his final days on earth when  “Do not be afraid” appeared as the Mediation of the Day for August 13, 2023, in my Magnificat magazine.

Trust = Peace
The meditation reminded me to live one day at a time, trusting in God’s great plan for us. I dedicate the following poem (my poetic version of his meditation) to Archbishop Martinez for his heavenly reminders that brought much peace during a tough time.

This Day
Dedicated to Servant of God Luis Maria Martinez

Let this day come as it may
a gift from God above.
Let this day come as it may
wrapped in the good Lord’s love.

Let this day come as it may
He knows just what we need.
Let this day come as it may,
embrace each flow’r and weed.

Let this day come as it may
consenting to His will
Let this day come as it may
secure that God fulfills.

But if this day you turn away
from God’s most perfect plan.
And if this day you waste away
His providential span,

then today and every day
repent your wayward ways.
And today and every day,
return with hope and pray.

For this day and every day
God seeks you without cease.
Yes, this day and every day
He longs to give you peace.

Archbishop Martinez was not only a scholarly and holy priest but also a writer of spiritual poetry! I hope to learn from his wisdom.


Into the Desert: A 40-day Summer Fast

A Peaceful Option for These Heated Times

Photo credit: Patrick Schneider – Unsplashed

Just what are we to do?  

“What are we supposed to do?” This question arose recently in a small group discussion with some of my family and friends. We had decided to get together (via an online meeting) to try and make sense of the unsettling things that have been happening in our country and beyond. As Christians, we pondered the classic question of what would Jesus do? We knew prayer was a definite answer. In addition to prayer, we also felt a need for action.

 And then someone brought up fasting.

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