Winter Heed

For those of us who live in the southern section of the United States,  a “true” winter, with frozen trees and snow on the ground for extended periods (like in the photo above), is quite foreign. And even though my South Texas bones might shiver at the thought of living through months of this kind of frigid weather, I must admit, there is something beautiful and magical about this strange season.

At first glance, everything looks dead. But if you are mindful of what is going on, it is actually a time of sleep, and things are happening under that white blanket! For example, sugar maples only produce sap in cold weather. And boy, do I like maple syrup, so I have become most grateful for winter.

Though I will probably never live in an area that has a “true” winter, we do have loved ones up north, so I might get to visit someday during their “true” winter. After admiring the beauty of the photo above and pondering the importance of winter in the earth’s life cycle, I felt called to write the following poem. Enjoy!

Winter Heed

The trees are not dead,

they are just on pause.

New buds will spring forth

when all of this thaws.

For rising is the sap,

and softening is the seed.

Hidden forces are at work,

it’s winter, give heed!

Into the Desert: A 40-day Summer Fast

A Peaceful Option for These Heated Times

Photo credit: Patrick Schneider – Unsplashed

Just what are we to do?  

“What are we supposed to do?” This question arose recently in a small group discussion with some of my family and friends. We had decided to get together (via an online meeting) to try and make sense of the unsettling things that have been happening in our country and beyond. As Christians, we pondered the classic question of what would Jesus do? We knew prayer was a definite answer. In addition to prayer, we also felt a need for action.

 And then someone brought up fasting.

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You’re Glowing!

Glowing pregnant woman

“You’re glowing!”

I was told this quite a number of years ago when I was pregnant, and now I see the bright glow in my two daughters-in-law who are expecting. This radiant blessing is something many women experience due to the physiological changes that occur during pregnancy. The glow of pregnancy has helped me to view the Transfiguration of our Lord in a slightly different light. Continue reading