Waiting and Longing


The “shortest” day of the year is upon us. There are more dark hours than light as winter officially begins on the 21st. This Advent season of waiting and longing reminds me of a childhood memory….

One of the highlights of my day when I was younger was when my dad would arrive home from work. He always called mom to tell her that he was leaving.  I knew that phone call meant he would be home soon, so I would go to the window and eagerly wait for him.

During the winter months when he would get off from work, the sun would already be setting and he would drive home in the dark. As I began my watch, I would notice car lights coming down the street and get excited – only to find that they would pass our house and go on somewhere else.  When his car finally turned into our driveway, with the lights shining into the window, I ran to him with joy.  As he got out of the car he would pick me up and embrace me. My longing to be in his arms was over.

Fast forward to now. My dad has been gone for nearly 17 years and I still long. I long to be with him again. I long to be out of the darkness. I long for his embrace. But mostly, I long for the eternal light of God- my Father in Heaven. There, with my Dads, there will be no more longing.

And with joyful anticipation…

I wait.


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