Get Ready, Get Set….SLOW!


Get ready, Get set…. GO  SLOW !

December is (almost) here. For most of us that means a busy and hectic month. We will speed around trying to get all kinds of things done before the big holiday. Ever consider replacing the word GO with the word SLOW? Here are a few tips about slowing down during the season.

  • SAY NO! Slowing down means saying no to things. NO to the extra shopping trip you just “have to” do. NO to the Christmas movie, you just “have to” go see. NO to Elf on the Shelf, etc.…
  • TAKE A WALK. Do it outside. And make it silent. Meaning don’t bring your phone or someone you are tempted to talk to. Let each silent, slow step fill you with peace.
  • BREATHE with gratitude. Pause and take a deep breath. Breathe again. S-l-o-w-l-y. Really feel the air coming in to your body and the stress going out. Each time you feel the stress of another to-do-thing bubbling up in your brain, take a deep breath and squelch it with a a thought of something you are grateful for.

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