Action Speak Louder Than Words

2016, A Jubilee Year of Mercy

Did you know that the word MERCY and the other words that are closely associated with this term is used over 400 times in the bible?!  It is a monumental theme in the scripture,

but sometimes hard to understand. We can put word, after word, after word down on paper and try to convey the richness of mercy, but they are just that…words! The fact is, ACTIONS speak louder than words, so….. it is on actions that I will focus.

You might be wondering why all this writing about the word MERCY.  Well, seeing the great need for mercy and healing in our world, Pope Francis has called for a Year of Mercy.

In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, I will humbly attempt to share real-life stories of merciful ACTIONS.    It will require the use of words to write about these mercy-in-ACTION accounts, but I believe a deeper understanding of the beautiful gift of mercy will sprout and blossom…..blossom into the loud-speaking ACTIONS of merciful love that we all need.