Share and Grow? -or- Bury in a Hole?

Share and Grow Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel

Can you imagine a financial advisor taking his client’s money that he is supposed to invest and burying it in the ground? Or a car salesman going off to hide “in a hole” when a customer comes to him wanting to purchase an automobile?  Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?  Both would be without a job real soon.  In Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus tells his disciples a parable that addresses this very issue. Continue reading

Be Transfigured

Transfiguration of the LordSome Saturdays my husband works all day in the yard or on the car and is covered with dirt and grease. Then he stops so we can get ready to go to evening Mass. When he comes out all cleaned up, and in his slacks and bleach-white dress shirt, I am in awe. I say “Boy, you sure clean up well!”  The change is dramatic. Continue reading

A Running Father

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Does your Father run? Mine does.

My father loved me dearly and though I don’t remember him literally running to hug me, I have vivid memories of running sprints with my father one day in our front yard. I was just beginning to rise into to my youthful-athletic-prime, and he was getting close to the end of his.  But guess who won the sprints?  Yep…my old man. Continue reading