Family Stories

Listending to Family Stories

“I remember the day Beth was born…” My mom pauses, recalling the special day of her first born. “I knew I was in labor, but I did not want to tell anyone.” She continued the story about how they had picked dewberries that day and that her mom was making a cobbler. “I did not tell anyone I was in labor because there was a dewberry cobbler cooking in the oven, and I wasn’t going to go to the hospital before I had a piece!” Continue reading

How Old Are You?

Youre How Old

“How old are you?” a 2nd grader asked me the other day (oblivious to the cultural norm that you don’t ask your female teacher—or any female—her age.)  I chuckled to myself, not caring about the cultural norm, and gave him a challenging 2nd grade math problem as an answer to his question.  As his brain was processing the numbers, my brain pondered something else…just how old am I, really? Continue reading

The Perfect Latte

heart-latteMmm….just right!” your mouth tells you as you take a sip of the perfect latte, cappuccino, coffee, hot tea or whatever you start your day with. But if there’s too much sugar, not enough cream, or the temperature is too cold or too hot, it can throw a wrench in the works.  You mumble & grumble and pour & stir until you get it just right. How do I know? Because I find myself scrupulously preparing my cup of morning brew! Continue reading

The Search for a Simpler Life

I am excited to introduce a guest blogger for Light of Love, who not only happens to be the site engineer, but also my loving brother, Eddie.

The following are excerpts from LIFE FROM OUR LAND,  The Search for a Simpler Life in a Complex World by Marcus Grodi. The backdrop of this book is his family’s move from the city to a twenty-five acre farm in Ohio, and their “becoming one with nature”. But don’t be fooled, it is not a book on how to start a homestead, but rather on how to find God through nature, hard work and contemplation. I highly recommend this book.

Continue reading

Night Time BAKER


I come from an award winning baking family, so when I first came across the BAKER acronym it definitely caught my attention. After reading more about it I decided to commit to the night time BAKER ritual and it has made all the difference in the world.

I’m not talking about making flakier pie crusts; I’m talking about my daily attempts to not be such a flake…in other words, to be a better Christian. Continue reading

A Running Father

Image result for really old man running

Does your Father run? Mine does.

My father loved me dearly and though I don’t remember him literally running to hug me, I have vivid memories of running sprints with my father one day in our front yard. I was just beginning to rise into to my youthful-athletic-prime, and he was getting close to the end of his.  But guess who won the sprints?  Yep…my old man. Continue reading