‘Tis Good to Be Hungry

‘Tis good to be hungry,
‘Tis good to be cold,
‘Tis good to be poor,
‘Tis good to be old.

For hunger brings thanks,
And cold brings snuggles,
And poverty brings wisdom,
And with age, it all doubles.

This was written at the start of Lent last year. It happened to be a day of fasting and cold temperatures. Pondering the hunger and coldness, and embracing those elements instead of grumbling about them, brought insight.



What Does Silence Know?

What does silence know?

That bite of tongue can be so wise,

the loudness of heartbeats and sighs,

the blossom of creative tries;

this, does silence know.

That loneliness can be profound,

there’s peace away from things that pound,

God-whispers are a soothing sound;

this, does silence know.

I came across a poetry challenge posted on Today’s Little Ditty, founded by Michelle Heidenrich Barnes. She interviewed Joyce Sidman, who challenged readers to write a “deeper wisdom” poem. I’ve had an empty house with no one around the past few days, so silence asked me to write about her!

Woman in boat image from Pexels-Art House Studio