The Search for a Simpler Life

I am excited to introduce a guest blogger for Light of Love, who not only happens to be the site engineer, but also my loving brother, Eddie.

The following are excerpts from LIFE FROM OUR LAND,  The Search for a Simpler Life in a Complex World by Marcus Grodi. The backdrop of this book is his family’s move from the city to a twenty-five acre farm in Ohio, and their “becoming one with nature”. But don’t be fooled, it is not a book on how to start a homestead, but rather on how to find God through nature, hard work and contemplation. I highly recommend this book.

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Night Time BAKER


I come from an award winning baking family, so when I first came across the BAKER acronym it definitely caught my attention. After reading more about it I decided to commit to the night time BAKER ritual and it has made all the difference in the world.

I’m not talking about making flakier pie crusts; I’m talking about my daily attempts to not be such a flake…in other words, to be a better Christian. Continue reading